WELCOME Classes 612 and 614
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Dear parent(s) and students
I am taking this opportunity to remind you of the things discussed in class. It is the student's responsibility to come to class prepared and ready to learn. It is the teacher's responsibility to help the student acquire the skills necessary to pass the classes and to succeed in daily life and future academic endeavors. The student is expected to attend class every day. Excused absences must be verified, as by a doctor's or parent's note. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING UP ALL WORK PROMPTLY THAT YOU MISSED DURING THE ABSENCE. Cutting a class is not permitted under any circumstances. Lateness will not be tolerated. Parents will be notified and requested to come to school. HOMEWORK is meant to help you develop independent work habit and increase your learning. It also helps develop responsibility. It's 10% of your final grade. LATE HOMEWORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNLESS A SIGNED WRITTEN REQUEST BY THE PARENT IS SUBMITTED TO THE TEACHER. PARTICIPATION: every child is expected to contribute to class discussion. Your classroom participation and group work will determine 40% of your final grade. TESTS AND QUIZZES will determine another 40%. You must prepare yourself to take them. Your Performance Task will be 10%. Review your notes daily. Develop a study habit. If you are absent for any test, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to take the test at a later date. PROJECTS. There will be several. Projects must be completed within the required time. Points will be deducted for late work submitted after the dead line. Projects will not be graded after the announce dead line unless a signed request by the parent is submitted on the due date.
  • Tests and quizzes 40%
  • Homework 10%
  • Performance Task 10%
  • Classwork/Participation 40%

Parents, please make it a habit to contact your child's teachers to ensure that all assigned work has been handed in to each teacher. I am looking forward to a very prosperous and successful school year working together.
Ms. Hanson


NYCDOE ARIS (Achievement Reporting and Innovation System)

6th Grade Social Studies Textbook Eastern Hemisphere

By the end of the year, 90% of the students will show progress in ELA and 75% will demonstrate proficiency by being able to:
  • write a claim/position that is relevant to the prompt with an 80% accuracy as measured by a teacher written assessment.
  • cite and explain evidence to support their claim as measured by teacher made assessment.

October 8, 2013
ELA - Identifying and explaining types of irony (Worksheet)

October 9, 2013 Science
1.Explain the difference between an inference and an observation.
2.Explain the differences between independent and dependent variables.
3.Think Critically A classroom investigation lists bleach as an ingredient. Bleach can irritate your skin, damage your eyes, and stain your clothes. What safety symbols should be listed with this investigation? Explain.

October 11
ELA - Similes, metaphors, and personification worksheet.
Read daily for 30 minutes

Science -
Collect data for your question based on the results of at least 20 people.
Your data should be displayed in a table or tally chart. You must use computer paper for this homework.

October 15
ELA - Suffix worksheet (back and front)
Science - Study for test tomorrow: what is science, branches of science, lab. safety, and the scientific method.

October 16
ELA - Fill out a graphic organizer like the one showed in class today using the Academic Vocabulary. 1. word, 2.definition, 3.synonyms, 4.antonyms, and 5.a well constructed sentence.

October 17
Science - Marbles and Energy. Answer the following question: What's the difference between a moving marble and one at rest. In your notebook
ELA - Test tomorrow. study types of irony.

Science - Use magazines, newspapers, internet photos to create a collage of different forms of energy on a sheet of construction paper.Each form MUST be labeled (ex: if you have a picture of a microwave, it must say “radiant energy”)
Create your own poem about “fear”
•Use repetition/refrain
•Use the four academic vocabulary
•Illustrate the page

ELA - Review and edit your poem. Bring both pieces in tomorrow.

ELA - Edit and have your parent (s) review the Do Now writing with you. Rewrite and bring both pieces to class tomorrow signed by a parent.

ELA - Complete your compare/contrast paragraphs if you did not do so in class.

ELA - Research, list, and explain the parts of a speech.
Science - Uniform Assessment test on Thursday. STUDY

ELA - Write your speech on paper or type if you are using a computer.

November 4, 2013
Science - Research and prepare a short biography of William Thomson, who later became Lord Kelvin. Write about his life and his many contributions to science. Due Wednesday.

November 6,2013
ELA - Study for test tomorrow
•Punctuating Dialogue
•Elements of a story
•Figurative Language
•Context Clues

November 7, 2013
Science - Questions 6 and 7 page 78. ON LOOSE LEAF

ELA - Investigate and make a list of the "Seven Wonders of the World"

ELA - What qualities do you think a monument must have to be considered a "Wonder"? Explain in two paragraphs. Give examples.

Science - Write a paragraph describing how simple machines were used to design early tools. ON LOOSE LEAF.

ELA - What qualities do you think a monument must have to be considered a “Wonder”? Explain in two paragraphs. Give examples.

ELA - Write a paragraph using the Academic Vocabulary: toll, fate, canyon, translucent, corrosion, and durable. Use transitional words and phrases.

ELA - Read and complete the reading log
Science - Tools and Gadgets. Invent a new gadget using a simple machine. You could use wood, plastic, cardboard, rubber hose, recycled materials, rope, etc. Estimated Time: One week. You should be able to identify the simple machine used to construct the gadget.

ELA - 612- Write 3 sentences using the word toll and 3 using the word fate. Loose Leaf

ELA - class 612 -
  • have a parent read and sign your first and second draft of the Do Now response.
  • reading Log Day 3
  • Text Features cut and paste activity

class 614
  • Write 3 sentences using the word toll and 3 using the word fate. Loose Leaf
  • Reading Log Day 3

ELA - 612- Complete your reflection essay if you did not do so in class. Text feature activity due tomorrow. Read!!!!!
614 Rewrite the DO NOW question adding evidence if you did not get a 2 on the practice.
Science - Gadget assignment due on Monday.

ELA - 614 - text Feature - Use a newspaper or a magazine to find examples of each text feature discussed in class. Cut and paste them on colored/white paper. Label each and explain how each helps a reader understand a text better.

ELA - Context Clues worksheet
Dream Big "READ"



Science - Study simple machines for test on Tuesday December 3

ELA - 1. Reading Log 2. Explain in one or two paragraphs how humans can be a threat to the potential new Wonders. Use facts and details read in class or researched.
Science - Study for chapter 3 test tomorrow

ELA - Author's Purpose worksheet

ELA- Write a two paragraph summary of "How to Save the Taj Mahal." ON LOOSE LEAF PAPER.
Science - Find examples of viscosity and surface tension.

ELA - Complete the three questions if you did not do so in class.

ELA - "All in a Day's Work" - Read and complete questions 1-7 ONLY.
Science - Define vocabulary: thermal energy, temperature, heat, melting, freezing, vaporization, condensation

  1. Paraphrase paragraph 2, page 1 of the article "All in a Day's Work."
  2. Answer questions 8 and 9
Science - Earth's temperature has increased during the past few decades. Research how this increase could cause changes in the state of water and the effects these changes could have on a specific geographic region.

ELA - "Holiday Packet" Close Reading #1 READ ONLY

Science- Observing Vaporization
  1. Use a dropper to place one drop of rubbing alcohol on the back of your hand.
  2. Describe how your hand feels during the next 2 min.
  3. Wash your hands.
  1. What changes in the appearance of the rubbing alcohol did you notice?
  2. What sensation did you feel during the 2 min? How can you explain this sensation?
  3. Infer how sweating cools the body.

ELA - Reading #2 - Complete all M. C. Q. (multiple Choice questions) of your packet
Science - States of Matter Project
Create a chart displaying the CHANGES OF STATE.
1) Solid to Liquid
2) Liquid to Solid
3) Solid to Gas
4) Gas to Liquid
5) Liquid to Gas
6) Include title, pictures, labels, and definitions/ explanations
7) Due January 3rd, 2014

ELA - Reading #3 "Digging for details" Complete S.R.Q (short-response questions)
Science- Work on the design of your project

external image christmas21.jpg
ELA - Read pages 9-11 of "Did Aliens Make These Statues?" and complete the graphic organizer ONLY
Science - Study for test tomorrow

ELA - Reading Booklet: Complete Evaluating Evidence, theories 1 and 2

Science - Observe Air Pressure
The air around you is made of billions of molecules. These molecules are constantly moving in all directions and bouncing into every object in the room, including you. Air pressure is the result of the billions of collisions of molecules into these objects. Because you usually do not feel molecules in air hitting you, do the following lab to see the effect of air pressure.

1. Cut out a square of cardboard about 10cm from the side of a cereal box.
2. Fill a glass to the brim with water.
2. Hold the cardboard firmly over the top of the glass, covering the water, and invert the glass.
4. Slowly remove your hand holding the cardboard in place and observe.
5. THINK CRITICALLY. Write a paragraph describing what happened to the cardboard when you inverted the glass and removed your hand. How does air pressure explain what happened?

1/ 5/14
ELA - Edit and rewrite your argumentative letter based on "Letter from Birmingham's Jail" by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Add picture or quotes.
Science - Study the chapters 1- 4 for UNIFORM ASSESSMENT tomorrow.

SCIENCE - Edit and complete your Atmosphere Booklet. Use color to illustrate. BE NEAT!!!

ELA - 1. Complete the INFERENCE packet
2. STUDY!!! Uniform Assessment on Monday!!! Review elements of an argument:Thesis statement (claim, reasons), evidence. Also parts of an argumentative essay: Introduction, body, and conclusion.

Science - Write a short PSA - Public Service Announcement - that explains how the immune system works to fight HIV. Be sure to include how HIV is different from other viruses.

Science - Write down ten things you did since you woke up this morning until you go to sleep. Evaluate how 'healthy' each action was by giving an "A" rating to good health practices; "F" to totally unhealthy behaviors; and "B" behavior in between. Choose three items from your rating list and explain why you gave it that rating.

1.What does it take to become a professional athlete?
2.Write a complete sentence stating one thing you are confident about and one thing that you might feel envious of.

Science - Research the Ozone Layer. What is it made of? What problems is it Facing? Provide at least 5 facts.
ELA - Use ALL six of the Academic Vocabulary words to write a paragraph about yourself.

Science - Define: radiation, conduction, convection, hydrosphere, condensation.
ELA - Reading "Using Evidence to Make Inferences" pages 45 to 47.

Science - Look up the root words for conduction, convection, and radiation. Explain how each meaning is related to your definition.

ELA - Reading Practice Guide, pages 18 - 21 ONLY

ELA - Reading Practice Guide, pages 22, 23
Science project is due on Tuesday, February 11.

ELA - Writing: Making Predictions, page 24

Science - Water Cycle crossword puzzle. REMEMBER to write the word/words next to each definition.
ELA - First Reading and Answering Questions of the Vacation Packet




Science - Convert Temperature - A turkey cooking in an oven ill be ready when the internal temperature reaches 180 degrees F. Convert this temperature to degrees C and K.
ELA - "Analyzing the Interactions of Story Elements" pages 1-3

ELA - Analyze Story Elements packet - pages 4 and 5 ONLY.
Science - Explain what would happen if a cup of coffee and a red popsicle were left on a table in a room. Why?

ELA - 1. Complete the last pages of Analyze Story Elements packet. 2. Study the Academic Vocabulary from "The Life You Imagined" for test tomorrow.

ELA - Reading and answering questions 1 through 6 - 5 MCQ and 1 SRQ.

v, who later became Lord Kelvin. Write about his life and his many contributions to science.